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Education attainment

A sweeping 98.1% of respondents have some form of higher education; salary generally increases with higher levels of education. An interesting observation is that secondary school and diploma degree graduates have similar salaries while Bachelor's degree and Master's degree have similar salaries. However, the gap between the 2 groups are further apart.

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Coding journey

96.2% of respondents who learnt to code either through school or alternative education generally have a higher salary compared to those who learnt how to code on the job or from online resources.

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Years of experience

>50% of respondents with 0-1 YOE make RM12-36k/year while >50% of respondents with 2-5 YOE make at least RM60-120k/year.

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>90% of respondents are aged 34 or below.

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Only 9.2% of respondents identify as female and of those, less than 4% made RM120-180k/year and 0% made more than RM180k/year compared to 15.5% and 9.1% for males respectively.

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Geographical location

Close to 80% of respondents reside within the state boundaries of Selangor followed by Pulau Pinang, then Johor whereby 30% or more respondents from each state are paid between RM60-120k/year.






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Developer types

Full-stack, backend and frontend engineers make up 70% of all developer types.

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